Tuesday, March 26, 2013

National Capital Area Awards Meeting

How excited everyone was to have our first meeting back in the newly renovated Arboretum Auditorium!  Vickie Godwin welcomed everyone and each District was well represented!

President Godwin began by awarding Presidential Citations!
Oh how everyone enjoys receiving recognition for all their hard/wonderful/great work!
Arlene Stewart, Capital Gardener Editor

Diane Reba, Recording Secretary for
several administartions!

Paula Knepper, keen eye on the budget as Treasurer

Other Presidential Citations were awarded to:
  • Billie Trump for her work with Garden Studies
  • Evalee Ciuca who wrote the application for the Award of Excellence for the American Horticulture Society and met with success while facing illness and personal difficutlies. 
  • Anne Bucher for her "what can I do?" attitude and her successful Design Program which supported the President's Rain Garden Project". 
  • Shirley Niccoli for being the busiest lady (as National Garden Club President) who always makes time to help the NCA out with protocol guidance!

Potomac Village Garden Club was the big winner of the meeting!  They received the Beatrice M. Coiner Award for Community Projects ($150) for their project, Deer Management Project of Montgomery County.  
They also received the Edith Bittinger Environmental Improvement Award for Selection of Deer Resistant Plants.

Sally O'Connell presented awards to the many clubs in District I - many were present!

Pat Kirk stepped in for Lin Stauffer and handed out awards to District II clubs!

Anne Stuntz handed out the District III Awards!

Anna-Mae Kobbe presented awards to District IV clubs!

The Award so many were waiting for - the Award of Honor!  This award ties all four districts together as individual clubs nominate someone from their club who has shown excellence.  The four districts then meet to discuss who will be the State (NCA) winner.  It is wonderful that individual clubs are able to have such an impact in the award process!  This year, three out of the four districts had nominee's!  
The 2013 winner is Mary Cottrell!  Congratulations Mary!

Lastly, members presented the skit for the 2013 Central Atlantic Region (CAR) Meeting which was first presented at the 2012 CAR Conference in Cleveland, OH.  David Healy, incoming NCA President wrote and directed the skit which had important landmarks of the Washington DC area.  Everyone enjoyed the skit and many are looking forward to the 2013 Conference being held in Bethesda, Maryland!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Distict IV Spring Meeting

Award 18 Winners
On March 22nd District IV held their Spring Meeting where they elected and installed the 2013-2015 Officers: Director, Robin Hammer; Assistant Director, Ann Mae Kobbe; Treasurer, Mary Corley and Secretary, Toni Reutmann.  Congratulations everyone!  Attendees were also treated to a wonderful program by Joe Howard (Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department) who spoke on Montgomey County's Champion Trees.

Outgoing director Bette Lewis was presented with flowers and a basket full of gifts!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Judges Council Installation

Judges Council held it's installation of officers on March 20th at the County Club of Fairfax.  Sarah von Pollaro from PBS "Flower Empowered" presented a program based on the Judges Handbook.  Such beautiful designs!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

District I Awards Meeting

What a fabulous last meeting District I held in the trailer of the Arboretum!   We elected officers, held our Awards ceremony and had a presentation on Conifers that ended with a fabulous tour!
Thank you to Julie Harrison (Mount Airy Clay Breakers)who stepped up and was elected Assistant Director, Marge Stembel (Woodmoor) who was elected Awards Chair and Poss Tarpley (Tanta-Cove) who will be our Treasurer!  We are so lucky to have Arlene Ankeney (Goddard) as Editor of The Garden Post, Sonia Johnson (Mount Airy Clay Breakers) returning as Recording Secretary, Freia Lorimer (Paint Branch) on Communications, Dee Droter (Tanta-Cove) on Ways and Means, Judy Greene (Tanta-Cove) on Environment, Ann Gardenhour (Cheverly) as Advisor/Hospitality and Charmane Truesdall (Mountpelier) as Historian.

Many clubs came and received awards!
Shown are Marge Stembel (Woodmoor), Lydia Barbour (Tanta-Cove), Freia Lorimer (Paint Branch) Gilda Allen (Mount Airy Clay Breakers), Ann Gardenhour (Cheverly), Betty Dietal (Gardeners of the Junior League), Arlene Ankeney (Goddard).

The big award of the day went to David Healy who recieved the District I Award of Honor!  We have been so lucky to have David as a member of District I and we look forward to supporting him as he goes on to be National Capital Area President!  District I opted to give David a pewter plate to thank him for all his work in the District.
Thank you also to Capitol Hill Garden Club for putting together his Award of Honor application!

Our meeting concluded with a fabulous presentation by Mariya Navazio                        of the Arboretum spoke on "Perfect Conifers for Urban Gardens and Containers".   The talk was followed with a tour of the Gotelli Conifer collection!  Volunteers are always welcome on Thursday's to help in the conifer garden.

Friday, March 8, 2013

District II Donation to American Horticultural Society

David Ellis, Janet Daniels and Jane Underwood
District II gave back to the American Horticultural Society at their meeting on March 8th, 2013!  The District II Spring meeting was held at the headquarters for the Amercian Horticultural Society, located in Alexandria, Virginia.  Nancy Angelelli, District II Director presented a certificate and $1000 check to David Ellis, Director of Communications and Editor of The American Gardener for the American Horticultural Society.   Also representing the American Horticultural Society were Janet Daniels, Events and Facilities Manager, and Jane Underwood, Volunteer Program Manager and Horticulturaist.  District II has been delighted with their wonderful relationship with the American Horticultural Society and were pleased to hear the money will be used to paint the ballroom at River Farm.

District II Spring Meeting

On March 8th, 2013, District II members met for their Awards, Election and Installation of Officers meeting held at the American Horticultural Society Headquarters, in Alexandria, Virginia.   

How exciting for Camilla Hicks of the Springfield Garden Club who was awarded the District II Award of Recognition - congratulations Camilla!    The Award of Recognition is offered to recognize the many achievements of a member of the District.  The person is nominated by their Garden Club for volunteer efforts during the past five or more years that have signifcantly contributed to club and community in one or more categories such as Civic Developement, Youth Activities, Horticulture, Design, Garden Therapy, Conservation, Landscape Design and All Around Excellence.  It is truly a honor to be recognized by your club and then to be recognized on the District level!

In addition, 12 clubs recieved Director's Certificates of Merit with Centennial Garden Club receiving the Outstanding Garden Club of the Year!  Shown in the picture on the left is Lin Stauffer, District II Awards Chairperson, Arlene Stewart, President of Centennial Garden Club and Nancy Angelelli, District II Director.

District II presented Nancy Angelelli a gorgeous Shirly Pewter water pitcher for her service as District Ii Director 2011/2013.

She loved it and expressed her sincere thanks.