Thursday, August 9, 2018

Life Is A Garden Party - A guest post by Judy Janowski

Oh, the joys of gardening.
Each morning something new blooming.
This morning the Spiderman lily
as well as other lilies.

The excessive heat wave this week
has caused other blooms to peak.
Zinnias are opening up.
Expecting monarchs to come sup.

Many daisy-like flowers:
purple cone flowers,
shastas, heliopsis,
gloriosa daisies.

Last year's compost grew freebies:
tomatoes, squashes or maybe pumpkins.
Recently secured netting around
as midnight unwelcome guests abound.

Fighting to keep deer and rabbits away.
Stimulating the economy by purchasing sprays.
Last year the compost pile grew sunflowers
and morning glories together.

A very pleasing picture it made.
Seeing this combo made me glad.
Remembered to do so purposely this year,
but morning glories and sunflowers eaten by deer.

Pleased to see little green tomatoes.
Only a few of the planted seed potatoes.
Vegetable seeds were hit and miss this year.
Others are saying few have appeared.

The clematis by the picture window doesn't seem to mind the heat
though the opposite is true for the rose bushes, they look beat.
Sorrel is appearing everywhere, considered a weed.
Will soon be collecting baptisia and lupine seeds.

Judy Janowski is a writer, photographer and gardener and she is a member of Elmira Garden Club in upstate New York. Visit her blog at to see more of her garden poetry and photography. Her books are  Life Is a Garden Party Volumes I, II, and III. FMI click here