Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

From My Window

Have you ever noticed how quiet it gets when it snows? 
Yet the cardinal sings, unafraid to show himself. 

Foraging where the berries grow 

The fox awaits, leaving a silent trail of footprints. 

I know, though, how busy it is beneath that snow.

 So I wait. Watch. Hope. Smile.

- No snow yet in our Capital region, but I have a good memory.  Have a fabulous year in the garden, my dear garden friends. - Thea

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays From All Your Garden Friends in National Capital Area Garden Clubs!

Lots of magical things can happen when you celebrate in a winter garden...Happy Holidays
From all of us in National Capital Area Garden Clubs!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rock Your World - A Guest Post by Teresa Payne

 Let's give a big NCAGC woot and welcome to our guest blogger and NEW TO GARDEN CLUB! Teresa Payne.  Teresa was born and raised in Alexandria, VA where she also currently resides.  Teresa joined the NCAGC's District II Red Hill Garden Club in January 2014.  Her mother, Janet Baker, is also a long-time member of Red Hill and is Teresa's inspiration.  Teresa works full time for the federal government, has a supportive husband (who plays guitar) and two lovely daughters , one a drummer, who also like to make their own mini-arrangements with Teresa's leftover flowers! (This is a family that passes the baton of gardening love down through the generations!)  

“Music” Notes from a New Member
December 2015

                As the Cowsills so aptly put it – I love the flower girl!  Flowers in her hair… flowers everywhere. 

                I look forward to making flower arrangements and gathering horticulture samples from my garden every month.  As a new member to the garden club scene, I had no idea how fun the monthly meetings would be.  The new friendships, beautiful flowers, delicious food and learning opportunities that abound are truly amazing!  After having two children, it was the first thing I really decided to do for myself.  And, I’m so happy that I did!

                While preparing to make my arrangements on a Sunday evening, I get all my materials organized and set up my work station right next to my most critical component – my iTunes player.  What I decide to play depends entirely on my mood and may subconsciously impact what I create.  I could pick anything from Beethoven to country to hard rock to classical jazz. 

I somehow visualize the flowers swaying to the music as I cut, snip, clean, and start placing them in just the right spot in my latest creation.  Who knows, they may even like the music, too!  As a result of the music coming out of the speakers, the end result may be a more classical, linear, or abstract arrangement.

                Gardening, flowers, and arranging are a creative outlet from my everyday routine of work, motherhood, laundry, dishes, etc. 

And it’s really all about some quality “me” time as I take a journey into another world where I’m creating something that reflects my innermost mood as expressed through the music I’m hearing from my playlist.  When I set my final product on the table with all the other beautiful arrangements to be judged, I’m judged on my creation alone that is brought to life through the joy of music, and oh how sweet that is!
photo by Teresa Payne

photo by Teresa Payne

As Mick Jagger would say … It’s only rock and roll and I like it, like it, yes I do!!! ~ Teresa

Teresa's essay is inspirational! I could not keep the smile off my face while I read it. I cannot emphasize enough the fun, the friendships, the creative challenge, and the joy of being a member of a garden club. Whether you are interested in horticulture, gardening, or floral design with a community service component, there's something for everyone in garden club. No matter where you live, there's a garden club nearby.  Interested in joining a garden club or finding out about one in your area? Just drop me a private message at - Thea McGinnis, your NCAGC blog host