Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We Wish You All a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of Robin Hammer and the National Capital Area Garden Clubs, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We are so very grateful to all the generous and hardworking members of the National Capital Area clubs that do and share so much of themselves all year long.  Thank you!

Thanksgiving in the City and Sweet Emotion - A guest post by Teresa Payne

It has been too long since I have had the inspiration to sit down and write.  Life has been busy and moving way too fast.  So, I sit here – old school style with a pen and pad of paper – and channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City even though she is way more stylish, dramatic, and articulate than me.  In contrast to her fast-paced lifestyle, I really enjoy my relaxing Friday nights watching a romantic comedy with a glass of wine rather than hitting the latest trendy urban bar or restaurant.  If you haven’t seen the movie Green Fingers yet, I highly recommend it!

Susie Poseman

Last night, though, I did venture out and attend a wonderful design event held by District III's Rock Spring Garden Club.  Susie Poseman from Heavenly Hydrangeas in McLean inspired us with her creative holiday wreaths and centerpiece arrangements.  I also picked up some handy tools of the trade, such as ribbons, glass frogs, and flower adhesive to try my hand at my own pumpkin design with succulents for the Thanksgiving table.  Check this out!!

I did it!

I arrived nearly late after battling rush hour traffic (in the city), but just in time to hit the buffet table after saving a seat for my dear friend who was similarly stuck in traffic.  I was parched, so I filled up my plastic cup from a container that held fruit in the bottom.  I quickly gulped down the clear liquid thinking it was water, only to realize it was white wine.  Not planning on imbibing on this Thursday evening, I decided, “c’est la vie,” and thoroughly enjoyed the spritzer.

We watched the speaker from Heavenly Hydrangeas inspire us with her creative holiday wreaths and centerpiece arrangements.  I also picked up some handy tools of the trade, such as ribbons, glass frogs, and flower adhesive to try my hand at my own pumpkin with succulents for the Thanksgiving table.

It was so fun to be able to connect with people who also love gardening and flowers as much as I do.  I attended the event with one of my oldest friends from elementary school.  She and I are in the same garden club, so we are lucky enough to see each other at least once a month.  I only hope we did not disturb the nice gentleman next to us in the front row while we were whispering and giggling (a little) just like in grade school.  After the inspiring program, we had time to shop and socialize some more.  I met some wonderful women from District 3 who all love garden club!

During a brief group chat with a bunch of women, we all introduced ourselves.  What a serendipitous moment when I found out that I was talking to the one and only Thea McGinnis!  We have only communicated over the past few years through emails about articles that I have submitted to THIS blog, but we have never met in person.  It was a perfect way to meet her – by pure coincidence, at a garden club event, after I was already talking to her about, you guessed it, garden club.  We hugged each other like we were long lost friends and she gave me the inspiration I needed to start writing again.  She challenged me for a Thanksgiving article – due within 3 days!!!  No pressure there, but how could I let that challenge go unanswered?

On my way home I started mulling over the evening and thinking about the best part.  The unexpected wine, learning something new about flower arranging and design, or shopping?  All of those things are lovely, of course, but going to the event with an old friend, and meeting a new one, was priceless.  As I was listening to the radio, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith started belting out the song “Sweet Emotion” through the car speakers. Click here to hear I turned up the volume, started singing along (I’m glad I was alone so nobody could hear me) and thought what a perfect song to end a perfect evening.

This Thanksgiving I will pay it forward to everyone out there to discover your own sweet emotion.  I challenge you to take time out of your busy schedule and connect with an old friend and maybe you will meet a new friend along the way.  Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! - Teresa

Teresa Payne was born and raised in Alexandria, VA where she also currently resides.  Teresa joined the NCAGC's District II Red Hill Garden Club in January 2014.  Her mother, Janet Baker, is also a long-time member of Red Hill and is Teresa's inspiration.  When she's not gardening, writing and parenting, Teresa works full time for the federal government.