Sunday, May 18, 2014

District I Tours Fallingwater

District I sponsored a bus trip to southwestern Pennsylvania to visit Fallingwater, the weekend house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the owners of Kaufman's Department Store in nearby Pittsburgh.
Photo by David Healy
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Oldies But Goodies" Celebrates 60 Years

On their 60th anniversary, the Gardeners of the Junior League of Washington presented a small standard flower show entitled "Oldies But Goodies."  
Estelle Noone's "Light My Fire"
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Environmental Studies School Course 2

Agricultural History Farm Park, Derwood, MD, January 14-15, 2014:  Twenty-two students from three states (Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania) and National Capital Area attended Course 2--The Land and Related Issues of National Garden Club's Environmental Studies School.  The two-day course included eight lectures by seven instructors and a tour of the MontgomeryCounty Single Stream Recycling & Transfer Station.  Seven students sat for the exam.
On site at the Transfer Station.
The course was organized by NCA Environmental Studies Chairman Lydia Barbour of Tanta-Cove Garden Club.  Barbour reported:  "This would not have happened without the help of a number of our members.  My team included Paula Knepper, Karen Lucas, Ellen Spencer, Jo Sellers, Jean Rositol and Shirley Nicolai.  They all helped whenever and wherever needed throughout the two days.  Paula Knepper was so helpful in the process of finding speakers, helping with the arrangements, coaching, proofing, and a myriad of other things during the two days, including setting up equipment, paying the honorariums, and serving as one of the Proctors.  She gets a lot of the credit for pointing me in great directions and helping with course corrections when I needed help.  Karen Lucas was an excellent Registrar.  Ellen Spencer helped purchase the food and kept everyone and everything moving in setting up and cleaning up meals.  Jo Sellers served as the other Proctor as well as with setting up and cleaning up the room and meals.  Jean Rositol also helped with the setting up and cleaning up of the room and Shirley Nicolai helped shepherding people and processes.  Their collective help was invaluable."

The one-hour lectures were:
ECOLOGY - Land - Chuck Schuster - Study various land types, their origins, characteristics and life forms.

PLANTS – Agriculture  - Chuck Schuster - Explore the origin of food plants and the problems associated with world food production and distribution.

SOURCE REDUCTION OF POLLUTION - Mark Charles - Examine pollution abatement through recapture and recycling of materials.

COASTAL ZONE / CHESAPEAKE BAY MANAGEMENT - Amanda Rockler - Realize the values, uses and functions of coastal zone eco-systems.

CONSERVATION LANDSCAPING - Ann English - Installation of a Conservation Landscape and Rainscape Rewards.

EARTH STEWARDSHIP - GARDENING WITH NATURE  - Mary McKnight - Study the enhancement of home and public grounds incorporating sound conservation principles and respect for site limitations.

WILDLIFE - MISUNDERSTOODS - Alonso Abugattas - Explore and acknowledge the value of beneficial species with poor public relations.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE RESOURCES - Vaughn Perry - Study the earth's finite and renewable resources.

Course 3-The Water and Related Issues is tentatively scheduled for September 16-17, 2014 at the Agricultural History Farm Park.