Monday, February 1, 2016

Footprints In Winter - A Photo Essay by Judy Janowski

After being snowbound and having to shovel our way back into civilization, we find it easy to forget the beauty of winter, the silence within a heavy fall of snow, and the permission a snow storm gives us to tuck in with a good book, garden catalogues and warm drinks. Gardener and photographer, Judy Janowski, shares with us winter surprises captured through her photography.

The last time we saw grass, it was kissed by hoarfrost

Plump snowflakes glow with a power of their own, before sinking into the greater blanket of white 

Evergreen foliage disguised by the weight of a wet winter snow

You notice a trail with no beginning. Perhaps with no end

The trail might even diverge.

After the storm, the birds make themselves known. Others, too. Life is on the move, leaving it's mark without disturbing the peace blanket that surrounds us.

Now, imagine what's going on underneath the snow.

photographs by Judy Janowski

Judy Janowski is a gardener, poet, author, artist and blogger. She lives in upstate New York. Visit her blog at to see more of her garden photography. Her latest book is Life Is a Garden Party Volume II.   Screen down to read Judy's previous post  (July 2015) about photographing your garden.

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